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Online Digdroid

The leaders of your home planet have sent you on a mission to prove the existence of the fabled planet Earth. After finding a remote planet that fits the description of this once paradise you must use your limited number of dig-droids to uncover any artifacts you can find. Be careful! Deep reckless digging can bring devastation to your journey -- and your career!

  • Unique ANSI display screens.
  • Fast game play regardless of modem screen.
  • ANSI music and sound effects.
  • High score tracking.
  • Split-screen, sysop to player chat mode

Requires DOS 3.23+ or Windows, 120KB RAM and 100KB disk space. For bulletin board use, BBS software and a modem are required.

Purchase License

No Purchase Necessary. This software is freeware.


Download Online Digdroid

File: oddv20.exe
Sha256: 56FFEEE2A56311870E5DDA3ABCB1C26802560BB585BD07926B01D1EF66ED16F1