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Dungeon Master

On-Line RPG - breaks the high-speed barrier with SOLID 3-D ANSI polygon dungeons, awesome ANSI graphics, and sound. Visually face opponents with this power-packed online game environment complete with three pre-built adventures. Build your own COMPLETE RPGs with the Construction Set, also included. Tired of menu-driven games? Check THIS out!

  • Comes complete with a collection of pre-made game modules ready for play. Many more are currently available!
  • 3-D ANSI SOLID polygon map/dungeon display. Dungeons, cities, forests come alive, displayed as you would see them.
  • ANSI display of monsters, stairways, other players, objects, and more. Encounter something and see it, not read about it.
  • ANSI music and sound effects.
  • Player specific spell learning.
  • Windowing, easy-to-use, player and sysop interface.
  • Run up to 255 different game modules utilizing only one copy of the game executable.
  • Multiple opponent groups of multiple opponents.
  • Characters can have physical ailments including poisoning, insanity, paralysis, etc.
  • Running inventory for all items sold to equipment shops.
  • Items can and may be cursed.
  • Capability to view item characteristics based on character intelligence.
  • Local play capabilities without a BBS dropfile.
  • Tournament mode to allow only certain individuals in game modules to see who really is "the best."
  • Spell casting at nearly any time.
  • Ability for players to use items at nearly any time.
  • Multiple attacks as characters increases in level.
  • Auto-dungeon mapping.
  • Split-screen, sysop to player chat mode

Requires DOS 3.23+ or Windows, 320KB RAM and 1.2MB disk space. Bulletin board system software and modem recommended for multi-player play. Color monitor and PC Speaker recommended for local game play.

Purchase License

Delivery of personalized registration code via e-mail.


Download Dungeon Master Demo

File: dmv10.exe
Sha256: A18FBE0085E0FEE175A5D924DBC11F859A66EA4E16C02FF13765F1D7A7BF4D4B

Additional downloadables for Dungeon Master can be found in the download section of the site.