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Dungeon Master Construction Set

Build your own COMPLETE 3-D Role Playing Game for John Dailey's Dungeon Master with the Dungeon Master Construction Set. The DM Game Module Environment is enclosed seperately in DMV10.EXE. See details inside about how you can get a *FREE* DM REGISTRATION simply by creating a DM game module!

  • Easy to use pop-up-window user interface.
  • Nearly all aspect of your game can be created and edited right in the Construction Set.
  • Build your game module with one easy key press.
  • Contextual help at any time while you build your game.

Requires DOS 3.23+ or Windows, 320KB RAM and 1.2MB disk space. Sound card, ANSI, ANSI music and text editor recommended.

Purchase License

No Purchase Necessary. This software is freeware.


Download Dungeon Master Construction Set

File: dmcsv11.exe
Sha256: C1C9A49191474AB0E65991FFF37FED3BCB33778C0C70DF9CF267DAC799CDDADF

Additional downloadables for Dungeon Master Construction Set can be found in the download section of the site.