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Data/Voice Switch

Want to run a dial-up BBS but only have one phone line? Data/Voice Switch is a program that detects voice and data calls and allows a sysop to run a BBS and voice phone on the same line! The software will answer an incoming call, determine if it's voice or data, and act accordingly, loading the BBS if it's a data call, and ringing the PC speaker like a phone if it's a human caller on the other end of the line! Features include 10 built-in screen savers, event configurations, a log file, and more.

  • Includes 10 built-in screen savers.
  • Automatically routes data callers to your BBS.
  • Software emulates a configurable telephone ring when a voice caller is on the line.
  • Support for 10 external events.
  • A log file is generated automatically for tracking of each day's events.

Requires DOS 3.23+ or Windows, 320KB RAM, 1.2MB disk space and modem.

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Download Data/Voice Switch Demo

File: dvsv17.exe
Sha256: 7B4AE86D2C200B304080BB65858A34C6E67359E0EC5C0516EB4C2A6F7C54267A