Gibbering Slime

Abort Logon

A simple program a sysop installs in their WWIV logon batch file that allows them to specify users, based on SL, that can bypass the logon batch file. Not only can this be a time-saver for those most valued users who call and need to get on-line quick without seeing all of your logon information, but is also handy for the sysop who continuously logs in to his or her system locally.

  • Configurable display file feature allows you to create your own display for the software to use instead of default.
  • Support for any number of WWIV color codes in external file display.
  • Absolutely no communication routines to worry about with conflicts with your modem. WWIV handles all modem input and output.

Requires DOS 3.23+ or Windows, 25KB RAM, 8KB disk space and WWIV BBS software.

Purchase License

No Purchase Necessary. This software is freeware.


Download Abort Logon

File: alogv11.exe
Sha256: F66FB98B787399FFE483623D0C55BEDA88EB7E8D24AC9F156EC5143E172A4F6D