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If you find yourself booting your computer and then waiting for automatically loading programs to load -- only to quit them once they've loaded half the time because you don't need to use them at that moment, PauseBOOT can help. By running your auto-starting programs (like your BBS software, welcome sounds, and other programs) through the use of a batch file, you can include PauseBOOT -- which will pause loading of the program for 10 seconds. If you don't respond (or press the bypass key), things load as normal. If you decide you don't need to run the software, you can press the cancel key and the software isn't loaded!

  • Quick and easy installation. No configuration necessary.
  • Thirteen custom display screens for use with your system. Or use your own.
  • Works with any application ran from a batch file.
  • Great for DOS sysops wanting to have their system load automatically at boot, but want the option to abort.

Requires DOS 3.23+ or Windows, 17KB RAM and 100KB disk space.

Purchase License

No Purchase Necessary. This software is freeware.


Download PauseBOOT

File: pbootv13.exe
Sha256: CFA4CFDD261B6FE914202B38B8C8A61F75147124CC6910B5F61CC10DB0B080BE