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Run a dialup or internet Bulletin Board System? Looking for unique games and utilities? This is the place to find cool shareware and freeware software to enhance your BBS experience or enjoy on your own.

Latest News

Registrations Back Online

The registration system migration into our payment processor's new platform has been completed and registrations are back online. With this update there have been a few improvments in license key distribution and a simplification of the experience. If you experience any issues or have any questions about the new system, please contact me.

Downloads Fixed

A recent server move resulted in some of the download links reporting as not found, which has been resolved.

Email Address Changed

Due to the overwhelming amount of SPAM that I have been receiving, I've been forced to change my primary email address. Please use the contact form here on the site to initiate contact with me should you need to.

Registration Prices Changed

A few registration prices have been lowered:

  • The Elite Bundle, which includes BRE, FE, FH and TAL, is now $40 (was $45)

  • Global War and Global Backgammon are now $15 each (was $25 each)

  • The Global Bundle, which includes Global War and Global Backgammon, is now $25 (was $40)

  • Dungeon Master Construction Set registrations are now available free of charge!

BBSing and JDS software featured on G4TV's Attack of the Show

If you caught the April 28th or June 3rd epsiodes of G4TV's Attack of the Show, you may have seen that the crew there have setup a retro-style, dial-up only BBS running WWIV. We were honored to donate a full set of registrations for their system.

You can give the BBS a call yourself at 1-310-979-2699 if you still have an old-school terminal app handy.

For those of you who missed the shows, I've also put both segments up here on the site for your viewing enjoyment.

Not receiving registration codes or replies to email?

We're having a significant problem with our outgoing mail being bounced back to us as undeliverable due to blocklists and other anti-spam techniques. PLEASE make sure that you add to your whitelist so that you can receive our e-mail. If you have not received a registration code or reply to an e-mail, please send it again from a location that can accept e-mail from us. Thank you!

Global War v2.7 now available!

This release is a minor update (and free upgrade to registered users) to v2.6 which fixes the problem with players unable to take their turns and enhances both local and remote display of the map images.

WARNING: If you are running v3.0 IBBS, DO NOT apply this upgrade as it will corrupt your data files. This update is for v2.6 (or previous) users only.

Download Global War v2.7 today

32bit door development underway

Hackin' Crackin' v2.0 Win32bit is currently undergoing beta testing. This version of the software represents months of work of porting our existing library files and the door's code itself to work as a native 32bit Windows application.

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You can play Dungeon Master without a BBS! Just install it and run the program with "/Local" on the command-line.

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