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I can create Global War games, but no one can play them.

The information in this article applies to:

Global War v2.6


When running the Global War software, new games can be created normally but none, or only certain players can enter the game and play their turns.

More Information/Solution:

When new games are began in Global War, it sets all player's "last turn" value to the previous day as soon as the game is initialized (last player joins). New games created in v2.6 of Global War beginning January 1st, 2001 are created with a 'last turn taken' value that is a negative number. This effectively causes the game to show that a turn is waiting, but does not allow the player to take the turn.

To solutions are available:

For registered and unregistered users running v2.6, download and install the latest version of Global War which corrects this problem.

Additionally, registered sysops may upgrade to the public beta 3.0 version of Global War, which is not affected by this bug. The 3.0 beta archives can be found in the download area.

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