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Melody Maker ANSI Music Editor

Create ANSI Music quickly and easily! Three modes of playback, SB/Adlib compat., mouse support, easy use, easy setup! Save in many formats, including ANSI, Melody Maker's own compressed format, RA page format and more! Check out the best ANSI Music editor on the shareware market, that even has the ability to change it's Sound Card voice! Block commands, key signatures, point and click!

  • Point-and-click mouse interface.
  • Ability to define musical key signatures.
  • Text block commands when working in the music text editor.
  • Sound Blaster compatible sound card support.
  • Registered version allows configurable sound card voice settings.
  • Save files in three formats: ANSI, compressed Melody Maker, and Remote Access page format.
  • Play your ANSI music files from the command-line.
  • Creates ANSI music files compatible with the Dungeon Master Construction Set.

Requires DOS 2.0+ or Windows, 200KB RAM, 1.2MB disk space and PC speaker. SoundBlaster or Adlib compatible sound card and Microsoft compatible mouse recommended.

Based on the original concept developed in QuickBASIC by Cathy Nicoloff. Rewritten in Pascal by Cathy Nicoloff and John Dailey and released in 1993. Updated and re-released in 2001 by John Dailey.

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Download Melody Maker ANSI Music Editor Demo

File: mmv31.exe
Sha256: 1D9E80BB6A1EA252EB797A919A8FA968571400187D06D4CC3BC8688B450B81F7