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Starship Galactica v1.1

The Dynja are attacking! Save your planet from the evil race by seeking and destroying their cloaked fighters! Great on-line game for WWIV BBS systems that includes great ANSI graphics, split-screen chat, high-score rankings, and tons of fun!

Requires DOS 3.23+ or Windows, 120KB RAM and 100KB disk space. For bulletin board use, WWIV BBS software (or any software that can be used to create the CHAIN.TXT format dropfile from your BBS) and a modem are required.

No Purchase Necessary
This software is freeware.
Download Starship Galactica
(63.5kb, < 1 minute)

  • Built in split-screen sysop chat.

  • Animated ANSI graphics.

  • High-score ranking file.

  • Specifically created for WWIV BBS, but can be used with any BBS using a dropfile conversion product.

* Regarding Cathy Nicoloff's involvement in this software product.

The online game Starship Galactica was one of the first projects that Cathy and I worked on together. Version 1.0 of the game was never released to the public (though some friends did host it on their BBS for fun and testing). The first official release version v1.0b was published in 1992 and was the last revision that Cathy was involved in. The current 1.1 version was released in 1994, and a credit to Cathy still remains in the application and documentation.




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